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Advantages of the MIM (formerly known as 'PSSM2') Test

For owners & breeders

  • Gain insight into your horse's symptoms
  • No stressful invasive procedures or muscle biopsy
  • Receive results within 10 to 15 business days after sample receipt 
  • Confirm/exclude muscle integrity myopathy variants as the cause of symptoms
  • Guide breeding decisions to reduce the frequency of variants in the population
  • Use the submitted sample for any DNA test (other hereditary diseases, coat colors, traits, etc.) in the same order or in the future

For Veterinarians

  • Differential diagnosis to confirm/exclude muscle integrity myopathy variants as the cause of symptoms for animals with non-specific, isolated, or recurrent symptoms of muscle disease without previous findings.
  • Preventive: assessment of genetic risk allows appropriate feeding and husbandry advice to ameliorate symptom development
  • Advice for breeding selection: targeted selection of breeding animals to reduce the frequency of the genetic variants in the population without reducing genetic diversity or desirable traits.
  • Reliable results through state-of-the-art laboratory technology


Test now on Muscle Integrity Myopathy (PSSM2)