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Sample Shipment

General notes

Samples that are used exclusively for DNA testing are considered 'Exempted veterinary samples' and are not subject to classification as dangerous goods and not as 'Biological material category B' (the UN 3373 declaration only applies to infectious samples!). National, EU-wide and international (third countries) requirements apply to transportation. Certain regulations apply depending on the type of material, origin and destination.


Please note the following information for samples sent outside the EU:

Correct preparation of sample shipment can save a lot of hassle and helps prevent loss of valuable samples during transport.  You will need:

  • The sample
  • Your order form (included in your sample collection kit, downloaded from your order confirmation email, or downloaded from the link).

On the outside of the envelope, you will need our mailing address (see below), and if you are sending samples from outside of the EU, a customs form from your country.  This is usually a CN22 form. CN22a is used if you want tracking, CN22b is used if you are sending economy.  


Here is an example of a completed CN22 form: 


Please enter this EORI number in the field for VAT or EORI number: DE2160 3853 9402 593. (A commercial item number is not required.)


You can also print off and fill out a commercial invoice.  While not strictly necessary, the commercial invoice may help reduce time at customs. You can find it below the text under downloads.


It should be placed on the outside of the envelope if you are sending the sample as a package, or inside if you are sending a regular envelope (recommended).


If these forms are not filled out correctly, this may result in the sample being held by customs.  Generatio is not responsible for any fees incurred and has no influence over the customs process. If we receive notification of fees, we will contact you if possible to see if you want to accept the cost. If the samples are held in a customs office in another city we are unable to pick them up.


When we receive the sample you will get an email with the confirmation of registration of the sample in our system.  If you are concerned that you  have not received an email, you can check in your customer account and see if the sample has changed from a preliminary number (000900xxxx) to a permanent sample number (ie. 20022xxxx, etc.).


Address for samples - dogs, horses and camels

Generatio GmbH
Blumenstr. 49
D-69115 Heidelberg

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