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Generatio provides the necessary infrastructure for animal owners, breeders and breeding organizations to collaborate safely and securely over the Internet. Our laboratory solutions include identity and parentage verification, as well as a wide range of genetic testing for traits and inherited diseases. With our analysis and documentation solutions, our users can intelligently save costs on DNA work while improving the quality of the values.

Use of archived samples

For some breeds, samples in storage at generatio from litter registration can be used by the owners of the animals.


Inquire for archive sample


DNA tests for breeding approval

Breeding organisations require a number of tests for the granting of breeding permission, including various DNA tests.
As a contract laboratory, we work for various breeding organisations and support their members in carrying out the DNA tests for breeding approval, see also DNA programmes.

Reliable parentage and pedigrees

Since the beginning of the systematic application of DNA information in animal breeding, generatio has been working as a service provider for breeding associations and has developed effective programmes for their continuous application of DNA data in studbook management.

We continuously integrate the constantly growing knowledge about the genetic causes of hereditary diseases and traits into the current range of services.

Breeding selection

In addition to the requirements of the breeding clubs, animal breeders always focus on the individual health, traits, and potential of their breeding animals.

generatio supports breeders with targeted diagnostics and analyses that can be used to genetically evaluate breeding animals and predict the outcomes of intended matings.

Proof of origin

The genetic fingerprint of an animal, its DNA 'identity’ profile, delivers the innate, non-manipulable proof where an animal comes from. This is possible via direct comparison with a reference profile in our database or indirectly via our FindParent routine for dogs of some of the breeds served by generatio.