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German Shepherd Association (SV)

Informations provided by SV

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The programme has been established in 1998 in a first version and runs since that time with continuous improvements and extensions. generatio has started to work for the program in 2001.

With almost 300,000 animals and up to 8 generations of secured pedigrees, it is the longest existing and most comprehensive program for continuous pedigree assurance worldwide.

Modules of the SV programme

  • continuous registration of all puppies at litter inspection by means of samples on GOcards
  • additional EDTA samples from all animals presented for X-ray examination
  • Integration of external animals not in the programme via puppy registration (e.g. foreign animals) if they submit a sample and arrange for the required obligatory examinations.


  1. Use of the puppy samples for the DNA tests for SV breeding approval.

  2. Proof of the identity of an animal in case of loss of the chip, for examinations, veterinary assessments.

  3. Every puppy born in the SV can be clearly and unequivocally distinguished from so-called dump puppies from uncontrolled breeding.

  4. The pedigree information in the pedigrees is DNA-checked.

  5. Reliable information on the inheritance of inherited diseases.


Beladung der GOcard im Rahmen der Welpenerfassung des SV