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Setup your DNA programme

DNA programmes offer the benefit of coordinating the actions of individual animal owners and incorporating them into a small number of interacting components. The result is a largely self-organising 'community' that can use a shared database that would otherwise never have become available.

Typical contents of a DNA programme are:

  • Continuous sampling of all offspring for traceability and reference.
  • Identity typing of all breeding animals
  • Parentage statement confirmation by DNA comparison
  • Identification of mutation segregation of hereditary diseases relevant to the breed
  • Supporting science by additional samples of the breeding stock

Getting started

In preparation for a consultation, please prepare the following parameters and e-mail them to us:

  1. Animal species - breed(s) to be covered by the programme
  2. Characteristics of the population 
    1. active breeding animals
    2. offspring per year
    3. breeding approvals per year
    4. breeding animals from outside the breed club
  3. Relevant hereditary diseases

Use existing data

Existing data for animals (basic data PLUS DNA test results) can be integrated into the programme, if they can be provided as a structured table. If required, we will support you in the preparation of suitable import formats.