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Parentage assessment

Please note:

In a parentage assessment, the DNA profiles of an offspring are compared with the profiles of the specified parent(s).


> an assessment is based on existing DNA profiles

> ID profiles of all parties involved (sire, dam, offspring) must already exist or at least be in preparation at generatio.

> the orderer must have the right to use all required profiles.


We recommend to order the ID profiles of the involved animals in advance or to have them listed in the user account of the ATC. 

Case study 1: none of the animals (offspring & parents) is registered in the ATC


> order an ID profile for each of the animals involved - OR 

> order parent ID profile registration if you have an ID certificate established by another laboratory.

> Upon availability of all ID profiles you can order the parentage assessment

Case study 2: offspring and parents are enlisted in a DNA program with sample archiving


For the parentage assessment of animals from such DNA programs, existing samples of the offspring and existing DNA profiles of the parent animals can be used. In the ATC parents are already assigned to the offspring. 


> Check if the animal record of the offspring can be assigned to your ATC account 

> The service includes:

  1. DNA profile identity for offspring
  2. Performing parentage assessment


Procedure: Register in the ATC, call to request the progeny sample and order the parentage assessment.