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Parentage in dogs

DNA-based parentage assessment is the core element of animal breeding.
Applied consistently and continuously, it produces reliable pedigrees that make it possible to trace the heritability of traits.

Procedure for breeding clubs with DNA programs

For the parentage assessment of animals from DNA programs of enrolled breeding clubs, it is usually possible to access existing DNA profiles of the parent animals.

The effort is limited to:

  • DNA profile identity for the offspring
  • animal parentage assessment


Please register in the ATC. If the animal record of the offspring is not assigned to your account, please ask for the assignment: Use archive sample.

In the parentage section you will find the parents as declared upon litter registration. In rare cases a parent animal is lacking it's identity profile, so this profile needs to be established in addition.

Blood tubes with EDTA, blood cards (GOcards®), swabs and hair roots can be submitted as samples for testing. Alternatively, you can activate an archive sample if the breed of your animal allows this.

If you intend to submit the test results to your breed club, please check beforehand whether a vet is required to take the sample. 

If this is the case, please have the vet check the chip identity of the animal and confirm this on the submission form with the practice stamp and signature.

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