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DNA Tests in Dogs

DNA testing plays an important role in providing support for health assessment and breeding selection in dogs.

Many kennel clubs require proof of certain genetic tests prior to breeding approval, but even if an animal is not eligible for breeding, it is helpful for their owners to learn more about the health and predispositions of their animal.

For details of the dog tests we offer, please see our shop.

We offer tests in the following areas:

  • Hereditary diseases
  • Appearance
  • Identity and trace back
  • Parentage assessment
  • Genomic diversity

Unsere Vorteile für Ihren Hunde Gentest

  • Einfache Probenentnahme 
  • Günstige Paket und Panelpreise auch Hunderassenspezifisch
  • Ergebnisse in nur wenigen Tagen nach Probenentnahme 
  • digitale Ergebniszustellung und sichere Befundzertifikate für Ihre Hunde Genanalyse
  • wissenschaftliche Ansprechpartner und modernste Labortechnologie für die Genanalyse beim Hund

Our services support owners, breeders, veterinarians, and breed clubs, and includes a wide portfolio of genetic tests.

If these tests may not be performed in Germany due to licensing reasons, we work together with a qualified partner laboratory.

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Alle Infos zu den Preisen und den einzelnen Hunde DNA-Tests finden Sie hier: Jetzt Hunde Gentest bestellen