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The Exertional Myopathy EM 9 gene panel includes all of the genetic mutations currently known to cause Exertional Myopathy. This panel therefore enables a comprehensive assessment of whether one or more of the currently known genetic defects or predispositions are present.


For horses of certain breeds or if there are individual findings on MH, MYH1 Myopathy, and/or PSSM1 from other laboratories, it can be worthwhile to test only the MIM 6 Variant test panel (formerly PSSM2 6 Variant test panel). This panel covers the six currently testable genes which predispose horses to developing exertional myopathy due to muscle integrity myopathy.


The MIM (“PSSM2”) 6 variant panel is patented by EquiSeq and can only be ordered as a full panel; variants may not be tested individually. generatio holds the exclusive license for Europe.


For horse breeds of Studbooks which are part of the IAFH, the MIM 6 variant test may be ordered through the Studbook and the test will be performed by their service partner vit under license from Generatio. generatio subsidizes the cost of these tests to enable breeders to more affordably test their breeding stock.


Veterinarians receive special conditions on both the MIM 6 variant panel and the EM 9 gene panel