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Buccal swab

Application of buccal swabs

Mucosal swabs, unlike blood samples, semen or hair roots, do not indicate whether usable material is present in sufficient material after sampling.

However, when used correctly, swab samples are a good approach if the sample that has been taken is analyzed immediately after arrival at the laboratory.

Sample collection kit

Please order sample collection kits via our webshop.

As part of an order via our webshop, you can order a sample collection kit free of charge from an order value of 99 EUR per animal. The sample collection kit contains:


  • 2x Swab
  • 1x GOcard-SC card
  • 2x Lancet
  • Return envelope
  • Instructions for sample collection

Get ready

The animal to be sampled should not be fed for approximately one hour prior to sampling; no food residues should be present in the mouth.

If multiple animals are to be sampled, they must have been separated at least one hour prior to sampling and must not have access to any shared equipment.


2 swabs should be taken from each animal. Please label each swab with :


  • the name of the animal
  • the last name of the owner
  • the date of sample collection
  • the order number in case there is an accompanying online order


  1. Open the swab envelope far enough to grasp the handle and remove the swab, without touching the swabbing surface.

  2. Place the swab between the cheek and gum of the animal being tested.

  3. Rub the swab firmly against the inside surface of the cheek for at least 20 seconds to collect cheek cells (not saliva)

  4. Place the swab in a protected place and repeat the procedure with the second swab.

  5. Allow the swabs to dry for approximately 20 minutes,
  6. Place the swabs back in the original packages.

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