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Programme modules

Breed Club programmes typically include:

Offspring registration

In dog breeding clubs, all puppies are sampled with our GOcards at the litter inspection as part of the microchipping process. The puppy samples can be tested immediately or archived for future use.
Similarly, hair samples may be sent from foal inspections.

Breeding animal registration and genotyping

A DNA programme begins with the registration of current breeding animals and genotyping to establish DNA Identity profiles. This ensures origin, identity, and parentage. These animals constitute the initial population against which the offspring can be compared to establish DNA-secured breeding populations. Animals for which a programme sample is archived from the offspring registration process do not need to be re-sampled for breeding approval tests (see Use of archived samples).

Breeding approval DNA testing

Most dog and horse breeding organizations require that certain genetic tests be carried out for breeding approval. The tests depend on the regulations of the individual breeding organization and the breeds involved. Please enquire directly with your breeding organization which tests they require.

In programmes with offspring recording, the archived sample can be activated and used, so you do not need to submit a new sample.

Animal Data Collection

Various masks are available for this information in the 'Diary' section of an online animal record. In the case of the individual animal, this creates a continuous chronicle that is directly associated with the animal. 


For animals kept in the DNA programs set up for this purpose, we can use this function to collect the general and specific health or disease data.