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Results of Camel Typing

After typing the animal on a SNP basis with 60,000 individual markers, you will receive the following results in your digital animal file in the Animal Trust Center: 



Evaluations of the genetic diversity of your animal

  • Heterozygosity level
  • Genomic inbreeding coefficient
  • Classification of the GIK of your animal in the population


Find out more about the individual parameters of genetic diversity here:

DNA ID-Profile for camels

All marker values used for the ID-profile (up to 150) are depicted as a QR code in the ID-certificate. The QR-code can be read using the camera of a smartphone.

DNA ID profiles for camels provide each animal with a unique, singular, and tamper-proof identity that can be easily verified when needed. In order for these genetic identities to be reliably communicated over the internet, all generation certificates are equipped with an electronic signature (SignCheck)



Parentage assessment

As soon as you enter two parent animals in the digital animal file for which an ID profile has also been recorded, you can order a parentage check.

Correct pedigrees form the basis of every breeding selection and, in addition to the performance characteristics, determine the value of an animal.

In the pedigree section of your animal file you will find an overview of the (confirmed and unconfirmed) relationships of your animal.

generatio has more than 20 years of experience in setting up and operating DNA programs for continuous parentage assessment with over 300,000 offspring examined.

Please also refer to our herd and population management services: Here.

Are you interested in having your camels tested at generatio?

Please contact our camel specialist, Judith Müller: