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Therefore Generatio - Center for Animal Genetics

Modern animal genetics requires the highest level of expertise in scientific principles, medicine, information technology and laboratory analysis. Generatio is your partner - whether for individual animal owners, veterinarians, breeders or the largest breeding organization. 

Our current focus is on horses and dogs; here we have been performing parentage, trait and disease analyses to the highest quality standards for over 20 years. 

For Muscle Integrity Myopathy we hold the exclusive test license for Europe since the merger with CAG - Cener for Animal Genetics. 

For animal owners

As an animal owner, the health of my animal is my focus. With the generatio packages, expert knowledge is not necessary.

For breeders

Breeders benefit from the possibility of networking within populations. In the Animal Trust Center, animal data can be utilized many times over.

For organizations

Breeding organizations receive proven procedures and the know-how from 20 years of cooperation with the largest breeding clubs.

For veterinarians

With special panels on individual disease patterns, we provide clarity as to whether one of the known genetic causes is present.

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