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Origin verification

The genetic fingerprint of an animal, its DNA identity profile, provides the inborn, non-manipulable proof where an animal comes from. generatio supports this either via direct comparison with a reference profile in our database or indirectly via our 'FindParent' routine.

This application allows us to establish an extremely cost-effective yet complete traceability of all animals in an enrolled (breeding) population.


The largest German dog breeding clubs and their international partner clubs use the generatio program logistics to secure the origin of their enrolled animals.


I) Puppy samples + parent typing for breeding approval

  1. German Shepherd Dog Club (Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde e.V.). (SV):
  2. German Dachshund Club 1888 e.V. (DTK)
  3. Dobermann Club e.V. (DV)

II) Parent typing for breeding approval

  1. German Retriever Club e.V. (DRC)
  2. Kynologische Zuchtgemeinschaft Eurasier e.V. (KZG).