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Application of our GOcards

The GOcard®-SC is the tool of choice for easy sample collection. 
Main applications are the early collection of complete litters, internationally organized DNA programs, reference archiving and the submission of blood without the hassle of EDTA blood collection and its deep freeze storage. 


The advantages in summary:

  • Can be used in a variety of ways (blood, semen, DNA, tissue fluid)
  • Easy in application
  • Unproblematic in international shipping.
  • Cost-effective

Sample collection kit

Please order sample collection kits via our webshop.

As part of an order via our webshop, you can order a sample collection kit free of charge from an order value of 99 EUR per animal. The sample collection kit contains:


  • 2x Swab
  • 1x GOcard-SC card
  • 2x Lancet
  • Return envelope
  • Instructions for sample collection

Handling instructions

  1. Please ensure that the part of the GOcard-SC on which the sample is applied comes into contact exclusively with the material of the associated animal. 
  2. Always use an individual GOcard-SC per animal.
  3. When sampling multiple animals, please wear disposable gloves and change them after each animal. 


Please note: The use of the GOcard-SC is at your own risk and responsibility. You should handle your animal in the same way as it is treated by the veterinarian or when being chipped.


To prevent injuries, only safety lancets can be provided.
With these, the blade is concealed in the housing and can only be activated and extended once.


A) Check GOcard for a clean condition
B) Clean and disinfect inner ear cup
C) Remove locking pin of lancet
D) Put on lancet and activate it
E) Wait for blood drop
F) Load GOcard 

Details of the procedure

A) Prepare the GOcard
Mark the GOcard so that it can be clearly assigned to the animal. The recording area must be free of any other material.


B) Prepare the puncture site.
Clean the inner ear and disinfect at the intended site with the enclosed alcohol swab.


C) Check and prepare the lancet
Remove the locking pin on the tip of the lancet by turning it. Do NOT press the trigger - this will render the lancet unusable.


D) Make a puncture
Place the lancet on the puncture site. Only NOW, with the lancet firmly pressed, press the trigger !


E) Wait for the capillary blood.
This may take some time. If blood flow is low, apply massage from the base of the ear towards the puncture site.


F) Take blood drop
The quantity displayed is sufficient for all DNA examinations.

GOcards in use of the puppy registration of the SV (German Shepherd Association)