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Types of programmes

Programmes by breeding clubs

Our DNA programmes allow breeding clubs and breeder associations to organize their genetic health programmes and establish long-term and stable testing procedures.

Due to the “One Animal, One Sample” principle, DNA programmes at generatio are particularly effective and inexpensive. Sophisticated user rights allow both private and shared animal data.


Many breeding clubs reward participation in their breeding programmes with special prices; this is made simpler with generatio’s convenient testing combination packages.

Breeder and animal owners benefit from their animals being situated within the full animal population of the club. This allows simple DNA Identity checks, Clear by Parentage designations, and other advantages of membership within the breed club in terms of animal evaluation.

ATC Programmes

Our ATC programmes are de-centralised, with participants organising themselves through the ATC community platform. The content is oriented towards the individual breeds or interest groups and focuses on the creation and evaluation of genetically available information. There is no central organisation as in breeding clubs.

In a de-centralised DNA programme, all animal owners and their online animal information are on an equal basis. generatio services can be used and support provided to participants.

There are no required tests, but it is advisable to orientate oneself on the DNA tests available for the individual breeds/interest groups in order to create a uniform data basis.

Research work

The success of research work is largely based on the proper organization of the animals and the data from them that feeds into the scientific studies.

With our programs based on our Animal Trust Center, we create the necessary Internet platform. The owners of the animals get access to the online animal files of their animals, they can directly contribute to the studies via questionnaires and, if necessary, initiate their own investigations.