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Study & Survey generatio


Survey info

We are requesting your help in our research on the symptoms and management of horses with PSSM2.  With your support we can shed more light on this complex disorder. Answering will take approximate 25 minutes.


You can find the survey above this info or HERE


If possible, please have your sample or registration number, as well as any bloodwork that might have been done for the horse.  The survey can be paused at any time and completed at a later time.

With your participation you support our study.  We therefore kindly ask you to also complete the survey for a horse that has tested negative or is symptom-free.  Every data point helps us to better understand the disorder and symptoms.  If you have tested multiple horses, it would be extremely helpful if you could complete the survey for each horse.  For each completed survey, generatio will donate 2€ to the international equine charity Equiwent.

Participation is not required for pre-purchase testing, if you did not purchase the horse.  In this case, we would instead appreciate an email at

with the animal’s name or sample number, the test result, and why you chose not to purchase the horse. Of course, all data will be kept anonymous.

Your participation is completely voluntary and does not oblige you in any way to generatio or our services.  All data that could be used to draw conclusions about you or your horse will be treated with absolute confidentiality and anonymized in the course of evaluating the survey.

If you have any questions before participating in the survey or if you would like any clarifications, please contact us by email at or by phone at +49 (0)7071 565 44 850.


We would like to thank you in advance for your time and support. Your help allows us to gain important knowledge about the disorder and enables better help for affected animals in the future.


- Dr. Melissa Cox