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Nutrition advice

Feeding according to needs

All animals require a diet that meets their metabolic needs in order to maintain their health and performance. These needs must be determined individually for each horse. In horse husbandry, feeding is in most cases carried out by the stable operator in consultation with the owner, but without prior needs analysis and ration calculation. 

If the horse has genetic predispositions for Muscle Integrity Myopathy or PSSM1, or if the horse already shows symptoms of equine myopathy, the needs of an animal must be assessed even more specifically. Optimized nutrition is the most important approach to alleviate or prevent symptoms.


The selection of the correct components requires extensive knowledge of needs analysis, feedstuffs, ingredients, effects, and ration calculations. Especially with many different feedstuffs and available supplements, the ration calculation is of great importance so that there is no oversupply or undersupply of various nutrients. These calculations require a trained feed consultant who is familiar with all of these factors and who can provide you with an individual ration calculation tailored to your horse.

Please note that feeding advice is only offered in German-speaking countries.