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Identity determination

The determination of the DNA Identity ('genetic fingerprint') provides the inborn, non-manipulable proof of identity of your animal.


Some breeding organizations require such a DNA profile identity for registration or breeding approval of the animal. Since the identity profile is unique and unambiguous throughout the animal's lifetime and remains unchanged, if your animal is stolen or missing, it can be easily identified via the DNA fingerprint even if the microchip has been altered or removed.


However, this is only possible if a reference exists. Generatio, or another laboratory, must have already have established the profile AND have it available as a legally reliable reference at the time of verification. Such data security is provided by our Animal Trust Center.


DNA Identity profiles also for the basis for traceabilityparentage assessments and genetic diversity calculations.


If you plan to submit the DNA Identity certificate to your breed club, please check first if the identity of the animal must be verified by microchip by a veterinarian or studbook representative. If this is required, the stamp and signature of the veterinarian or studbook representative must be included on the order form.

The largest German dog breeding clubs have introduced DNA programs with continuous traceability and thus systematically combat the market for " puppies on the rummage table".  

  • Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde e.V. (SV), since 2008
  • German dachshund club 1888 e.V. (DTK), since 2012
  • Dobermannverein e.V. (DV), since 2012