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Characteristics of Dogs

The appearance of an offspring is influenced by the interaction of genes inherited from each parent.
By testing the parents before breeding, it is possible to predict which alleles will be passed on to the offspring. Depending on the mode of inheritance and type of mutation, the appearance of the offspring is also predictable.

Under 'characteristics' we summarise all hereditary traits that do not cause a hereditary disease, but have an effect on the appearance and the abilities of the horse.

These include:

However, there are borderline cases such as colour dilution (D-locus) and merle. Depending on their occurrence, these traits can code harmless effects on appearance, but can also cause serious health problems.

Detailed information on individual tests, breeding recommendations, and special care for your animal can be found in our Lexicon.

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Blood tubes with EDTA, blood cards (GOcards®) and bucal swabs can be submitted as samples for examination. Alternatively, you can activate an archive sample if your animal's breed allows it.

Please also note any requirements of your breeding association. Details on collection can be found on the separate advice page.

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Please note the applicable shipping regulations. Depending on the sample material and shipping address, certain regulations apply to shipping.

If you are unsure, please visit our advice page or contact us.

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