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Quality Control

General notes

Our Quality Control includes all measures required for correctly performing the services requested as well as for communicating results in a secure manner.
In addition to general quality assurance measures, our many year of continuous population management enables us to achieve specific competencies that exceed the requirements of conventional accreditations or Quality Control certifications.

Convince yourself of the high laboratory quality of our genetic tests for your animals. Our interdisciplinary team consists of scientists from the fields of veterinary medicine, genetics, biology, laboratory technology and bioinformatics. We perform your DNA tests under the highest quality standards in our own laboratories with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment.

Comparison tests

We participate in the ISAG (International Society for Animal Genetics) ring tests on these species:

  • Dogs
  • Horses
  • Alpacas


Purpose: To demonstrate that a laboratory has consistent and reproducible results in DNA Identity typing using STR markers as well as parentage assessments based upon them.

Procedure: Every 1-2 years, ISAG sends out 20-30 samples for each species to each participating laboratory. All laboratories create Identity profiles for the same samples, make parentage assessment and report the data back by a certain deadline.

Goal: To demonstrate competency by receiving a classification as rank 1 laboratory.


ISAG ring tests 2022/23: generatio / Center For Animal Genetics achieves rank 1 in dogs and horses.


In house Quality Control

Continuous reproducibility

This quality measure is an essential component of our laboratory QA programme. It demonstrates the quality of our ongoing routine results from different sample materials. We routinely re-test samples from our databases in-house and we also exchange samples with external laboratories for QA purposes.


ID match detection
Our ID match detection is performed without notice by our customers by the undercover submission of new samples that are duplicates of archived samples of different years. We create the ID profiles of the new sample unaware of the existing sample and reliably detect if it is a match for an existing profile.This quality measure is the most important component. It demonstrates the quality of our ongoing routine results from different sample materials.


Ongoing parentage assessments

We have an extensive database of licensed breeding animal DNA Identity profiles that we have generated over multiple generations. Offspring are tested against the parent profiles, demonstrating that the ID profiles which are continuously added to the database, are consistently reproducible.


Electronically signed results certificates

Our pdf certificates are each issued with an electronic signature. The “original” version of the document remains in our Animal Trust Center and is always available from the animal record in the ATC account. It is also sent by email when testing is complete.

PDFs retrieved from the ATC are 100% identical copies that can be checked for authenticity at any time via our SignCheck application. SignCheck