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Hereditary disease testing

Identifying inherited diseases

Mutations leading to hereditary diseases can have very different impacts. Particularly problematic are those with autosomal recessive inheritance and/or are adult-onset.
DNA diagnostics is the only way to intervene with preventive or control measures. Health problems, and the inevitable costs associated with them, can thus be avoided or at least limited as much as possible.


For non-breeders, information on mutations known to affect the health of the animal is of particular interest. 


For breeders, in addition to health, it is of great importance to know which hidden hereditary predispositions an apparently healthy animal would carry and pass on to offspring. By testing the parents before breeding, it is possible to predict which alleles will be passed on to the offspring. Depending on the mode of inheritance and type of mutation, the appearance of the offspring is also predictable.

Detailed information on individual tests, breeding recommendations, and special care for your animal can be found in our Lexicon.

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