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Inherited diseases in dogs

Our diagnostic range is currently oriented on the dog breeds for which we have DNA programs. You can find out which tests are available via the shop link.


Why test your dog for hereditary diseases?


Non-breeders: You would like to find out for yourself whether your animal suffers from a certain hereditary disease or whether it carries a predisposition that can appear later in life.

Breeders: In addition to individual health, you know it is of great importance to determine which hidden hereditary traits an outwardly healthy animal carries and would pass on to offspring.


To have your animal tested, please send us a sample (cheek swab or EDTA blood) or activate an archive sample (link), if your breed is in our database.

Blood tubes with EDTA, blood cards (GOcards®), and swabs can be submitted for testing. Alternatively, you can activate an archive sample if the breed of your animal allows it.

Please also note any requirements of your breed association. Details on collection can be found on the separate advice page.

Sampling instructions »

Please observe the respective valid shipping regulations. Depending on the material and shipping address, certain regulations apply to shipping.

If you are unsure, please visit our advice page or contact us.

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