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DNA-based herd management for camels

Genetic data is most useful when combined with the organized collection and long-term data evaluation of all animals in a herd or breeding population. The consolidation of individual findings in our online platform fulfils this prerequisite and, through the use of the DNA information, enables the achievement of breeding goals previously unattainable without these advances in technology.

To get you started with DNA-supported herd management and how to use it to optimize your breeding program, generatio offers various consulting services and programmes that are tailored to your respective on-site situation.

Applications of Genetic Diagnostics for Camels

Parent search

On the basis of the offspring's DNA information, it is possible to identify the parents in larger herds/populations. The prerequisite for this is that all possible candidates have been recorded via a DNA identity profile.

This application is ideal for the initial registration of a herd with unknown familial relationships.

Breeding partner evaluation

With the breeding partner evaluation, we provide a new tool for breeding selection. We evaluate the potential genetic diversity of the prospective offspring of a specific breeding pair.

If there are several candidates for mating, the animal that best optimizes the overall diversity can be selected.


DNA-secured pedigrees

By consistently checking the pedigree of all breeding animals of each generation within a DNA programme, a new level of reliability can be created.

Animals with DNA-verified pedigrees increase in sales value. Furthermore, in combination with phenotype data collection, they create the basis for research projects to identify disease and performance markers.


Consultancy and programme services

1. Initial counselling

Initial counselling includes a budget of 20 hours. You will receive:

  • Detailed information material and explanations of applications

  • Recording of the herd structure and breeding methods

  • Discussion of the requirements for on-site sampling and ongoing support until the DNA information of the initial herd is established

Price: 1,600 EUR


The costs of the initial consultation are offset against the costs of the DNA typings if ongoing herd management is established.

2. Herd management components


  • User account in our online system 'Animal Trust Center' ("ATC")

Individual animal services (initial registration, purchased animals, offspring)

  • Sampling

    • SNP typing

    • DNA identity with issuance of ATC 'Identity' certificate

    • Calculations of genetic diversity (Heterozygosity, genomic inbreeding coefficent)

    • Optional (not included in the basic price for typing)

      • Parentage assessment (if parents with DNA profile are available)

Management Plan A (Optional)

  • Consultation quota of 20 h per year

  • 10x parent search

  • 10x mating evaluation

The prices for DNA-assisted herd management are staggered in contingents of 90 animals each. Please contact us for a personal offer.

All information of your animals and results in a digital animal record.