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Selection for Breeding

Animal breeders have a special focus on the individual potential of their own breeding animals.

Ideally, a superior genetic composition extends individual health robustness and the inheritance demands of the breeding clubs.

generatio supports breeders with targeted diagnostics and analyses to genetically evaluate breeding animals and predict the effect of intended matings.

Management of carrier animals

With the help of DNA-diganostics, carrier animals can be reliably identified and managed responsibly when planning breedings.

Carrier animals can safely be used in breeding if they are bred to a tested normal animal (wild type) because carriers of autosomal recessive diseases are clinically healthy.

Targeted genotypes and phenotypes of the offspring

When breeding for certain coat colour types, the knowledge of the genetic make-up of the parents is necessary to achieve the desired colour type in the offspring, or to avoid certain combinations.

Proof of identity and parentage

Proof of parentage and origin is a valuable attribute of every animal from quality breeding.

With continuous use and participation in a DNA program, each animal only needs to be typed once and the DNA profile is then available for future use.