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Hair root

Application of hair root samples

Hair root samples are a good starting material in horses and camels. Here, thick, easily accessible hairs with prominent hair follicles can be found.

Sample collection kit

As part of an order via our webshop, you can order a sample collection kit free of charge from an order value of 99 EUR per animal. The sample collection kit contains:


  • Sample card for taping the hairs
  • Instructions for sample collection
  • Return envelope

Preparation without sample collection kit

You will need:


  • Sheet of paper
  • Adhesive tape
  • Sample sending form
  • One envelope per animal
  • If available: order number in case of previous online order





Label the sheet of paper with the following information:

  • Name of the animal
  • Name of the owner
  • Date of sample collection
  • Order number if previously ordered online

Sample collecting

  1. Pluck 60 to 80 mane or tail hairs. Make sure that there is a follicle (hair root) on each hair. Important: The hairs must be pulled out and not cut off (see picture).
  2. Fix the hair to the paper with an adhesive tape. Please make sure that the adhesive tape does not touch the follicles.
  3. Put the sheet with the glued-on hairs plus the accompanying cover letter into the envelope.

Example of plucked horse hair


The roots are white spots at the ends of the hair.