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Inherited Diseases

Mutations leading to hereditary diseases can have varying effects. The most difficult to eliminate are those with recessive inheritance and those that develop after an animal has already reached breeding age.
DNA testing is the only intervention to prevent and control the passing on of deleterious alleles. Health problems, and the costs associated with them, can thus be avoided or at least planned for.


Non-breeders: information on mutations affecting animal health, such as the muscle disorders called PSSM2, is of particular interest.
Breeders: In addition to individual health, you know it is of great importance to determine which hidden hereditary traits an outwardly healthy animal carries and would pass on to offspring.


Please note:

as a breeder, for reasons of animal welfare you are legally obligated to not pair animals which could produce affected offspring.


Further information:

Blood tubes with EDTA, blood cards (GOcards®, FTA-cards), mucosal swabs and hair roots can be submitted for testing.  

Please note any requirements of your breeding association (i.e. sample collection by a veterinarian or studbook representative).

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Certain regulations apply to the shipment of samples from outside of the EU. Please note your country’s shipping regulations.

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Detailed information on individual tests, breeding recommendations, and special care for your animal can be found in our Lexicon.

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