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Welcome to generatio - Center for Animal Genetics


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How generatio works

Broad diagnostics and data evaluation on individual animals - supplemented by (optional) participation in breed clubs and/or self-organised Internet communities.

Organizing Samples

Ordering DNA tests

Receiving results

Using DNA data

Online platform 'Animal Trust Center' (ATC)

Genetic data is important.  The ATC exists to ensure that the data is preserved and can be used for further analyses in the future.

ATC analytics

Our analyses provide an objective assessment of your animal based on its genetic characteristics.  ATC's technical features secure this information and enable new approaches to the use of DNA data.

Our current ATC Analytics portfolio:

  1. DNA InfoLevel
  2. Genetic Diversity
  3. Mating assessment
  4. Breeding mate search

ATC animal record

The ATC utilizes the uniqueness of each animal and creates a single, unambiguous animal record starting at birth. All information about an animal can be continuously recorded and made available in this record. The owner of the animal record regulates via sophisticated user rights whether and with whom which contents are shared.

ATC certificates

The ATC's electronically signed PDF certificates provide the security of authenticity on the Internet that would not otherwise be available.
Our technology makes the documents unique and tamperproof. If manipulation is suspected, our SignCheck application detects whether the document is a valid copy or has been altered.

generatio – Genetic data for animal health and breeding

Genetic tests

  • Individual tests
  • Test packages
  • Array typing
  • Clinical panels
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DNA programmes

  • self-organizing
  • by breeding clubs
  • for breeders
  • by species and breeds
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Animal Trust Center

  • User area - Login
  • Worldwide communities
  • Breeding assessments
  • SignCheck
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