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Welcome to generatio - Center for Animal Genetics

Generatio is your partner for cutting-edge animal genetics with many years of experience in science, veterinary medicine, information technology and laboratory analytics. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of genetic tests for animal breeding and animal health, including disease, trait and parentage analysis, with the highest quality standards. Using the results of these tests, you can improve your breeding success, or treat symptomatic animals in a targeted manner.

We also offer customized solutions for breeding organizations with DNA programmes


The health of your animals is our top priority. Whether you are an animal owner, veterinarian, breeder, or breeding organization, you can benefit from the results of genetic testing.

Our strengths

  • Over 20 years experience in animal genetics with our in-house laboratories. Our talented technicians and biologists include those with doctorates in genetics and veterinary medicine.
  • Highest quality standards: Disease and trait testing and parentage analysis are run under the highest quality standards. Quality control and management is ensured through internal QC testing as well as by regular participation in ISAG comparison tests.
  • Exclusive European patent for the Muscle Integrity Myopathy (PSSM2) test – Muscle Integrity Myopathy (PSSM2) is the umbrella term for a group of related muscle diseases with similar clinical symptoms. These often include reluctance to move, muscle stiffness, periodic lameness, and possible exercise intolerance. Test your horse for Muscle Integrity Myopathy (PSSM2) exclusively at generatio, the European patent holder, and finally address your animal’s symptoms.

Genetic Tests

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Generatio - Center for Animal Genetics

For animal owners

Generatio’s services and targeted testing panels allow animal owners to focus on the health of their animals without needing expert knowledge.

For breeders

Breeders benefit from tailored test packages or single gene tests. Tests from archived samples can be ordered at any time through the Animal Trust Center.

For organizations

Breeding organizations profit from DNA programmes and the know-how developed from 20 years of cooperation with the largest breeding clubs.

For veterinarians

Veterinarians can order test packages or single gene tests for their customers, providing clarity to confirm diagnoses and genetic predispositions.

Generatio – Genetic data for animal health and breeding

Genetic tests

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DNA programmes

  • self-organizing
  • by breeding clubs
  • for breeders
  • by species and breeds
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Animal Trust Center

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  • Animal files and results
  • Testordering
  • SignCheck
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Only at generatio

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PSSM2 Express Test now available - results within 3 working days


Send us your animal sample by 12.12. and receive the results before Christmas


generatio launches research study on PSSM2