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Muscle Integrity Myopathy Test for Equine Physiotherapy and Equine Osteopathy

As equine physiotherapists and osteopaths, you play a crucial role in the care of horses with MIM. We would therefore like to make you an exclusive offer: you will receive a 20% discount on the DNA test for muscle integrity myopathy if you send it to us for your clients.

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Innovative DNA test for cats: Detection of deafness in cats with Dominant Blue Eye color (DBE)

generatio now offers a new DNA test for the identification of deafness in cats with dominant blue eye color (DBE). This developmental disorder of the melanin-producing cells is characterized not only by the characteristic blue eye color, but also by white patches of fur.

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generatio GmbH, IAFH and vit continue their collaboration and thus support the further strengthening of the data basis for research work on Exertional Myopathies in horses

generatio GmbH, the International Association of Future Horse Breeding GmbH & Co. KG (IAFH) and Vereinigte Informationssysteme Tierhaltung v. V. (vit) have extended their existing cooperation agreement. The aim of this cooperation is to contribute to greater transparency and to support research into the links between genetics and the environment, which can lead to the development of symptoms of Exertional Myopathies.


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Making sustainable breeding decisions for camels with the help of new evaluations of individual genetic diversity

generatio now offers an innovative evaluation for camelids. Based on advanced chip technology, we can perform comprehensive analyses of genetic diversity, in addition to ID profiles for identity and parentage determination. The service is available for dromedaries, Bactrian camels, and alpacas. The collected data can also serve as a basis for targeted search for hereditary diseases and other traits.

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Webinar together with NOVAFON: MIM (formerly known as 'PSSM2')

Webinar together with NOVAFON: MIM (formerly known as 'PSSM2'): State of the art research and insight into the management of affected horses

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