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Making sustainable breeding decisions for camels with the help of new evaluations of individual genetic diversity

generatio now offers an innovative evaluation for camelids. Based on advanced chip technology, we can perform comprehensive analyses of genetic diversity, in addition to ID profiles for identity and parentage determination. The service is available for dromedaries, Bactrian camels, and alpacas. The collected data can also serve as a basis for targeted search for hereditary diseases and other traits.

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Webinar together with NOVAFON: MIM (formerly known as 'PSSM2')

Webinar together with NOVAFON: MIM (formerly known as 'PSSM2'): State of the art research and insight into the management of affected horses

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Opening hours during the festive season

Our laboratories will be closed from December 23, 2023 to January 1, 2024. After that, we will of course be available for you again as usual.

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Exclusive Christmas present for horse lovers: Muscle Integrity Myopathy Test

Discover the perfect Christmas gift for horse owners: Our voucher for a Muscle Integrity Myopathy Test - Now at a unique promotional price.

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generatio reports on the use of SNP marker-based analyses in Old World camels at the 2023 camel keeper meeting

On October 27, the well-attended camel keeper meeting 2023 took place, where our camel expert, Ms. Judith Müller, presented the results of our genetic analyses for Old World Camels.

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