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Leopard-Complex | Appaloosa (Coat colour pattern Horse)

The Leopard Complex leads to extensive white colouration on the hip region or the whole body with pigmented spots ("leopard spots"). There is a great variety of pattern expression: Variable amount of white, variable pigmentation of the spots, spots with and without fringe etc., the exact genetics of the pattern (distribution) is not yet fully understood.

Other Characteristic traits are white stripes on hooves, visible white sclera in eyes, speckled/mottled skin around the eyes, muzzle and genital regions, progressive “varnish roan” coat color.

The pattern 1 mutation can strongly influence the amount of white in leopard spotted horses.


Leopard-Complex is associated with the Congenital Stationary Nightblindness (CSNB) if two copies (LP/LP) are present.


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