ATC account activation

Important information:

Account activation should be performed if an interested user seeks access to an animal record that is already established. 

You have an animal that originates from a breeding organisation that works with a Generatio DNA program? 

Or you had ordered DNA services prior the new ATC release? 

Then, please follow the recommendations give below or contact us directly. It is a little effort, but it will be granted with savings of time and money in using preestablished animal data.

No need for further information > proceed with login or account activation 

Hints for a successful account activation

1) The first essential detail is usage of the correct e-mail address.

The e-mail address authenticates the user and allows retrievel of an activation link. 


2) What should be done if an e-email address is not recognized by ATC? 

Please try all e-mail addresses you have or you have had in the past. If none of these addresses is recognized please contact us. We will check if there is a preset account or animal record we could use.