Genes & Characteristics, DNA tests 4 dogs

The individual expression of specific characteristics (phenotype) is coded in the respective genes as well as in linked hereditary factors. This concerns different DNA segments from those that are evaluated for identity determination.


1. Tests for hereditary diseases conducted by Generatio
2. Testing on coat color genetics
3. Tests conducted by other lab

Application: Diagnostics = result allows for a clear statement about occurence and inheritance of the disease.

Risk factor =  the test determines the genetic status of a gene that contributes to a certain disease.

1. Dogs - Tests for hereditary diseases conducted by Generatio:

Test- Abbr. Characteristic / Disease   Breeds   Application  
CNM   Centronuclear Myopathy
  Labrador   Diagnostic  
CysI-A   Cystinuria Typ I-A   Neufundl√§nder, Landeseer   Diagnostic  
CysII-A   Cystinuria Typ II-A   Australian Cattle Dog   Diagnostic  
CysII-B   Cystinuria II-B   Zwergpinscher   Diagnostic  
cord1-PRA   Cone-Rod Dystrophia-1 PRA   Breed list   Risk factor  

Cone-Rod Dystrophia PRA

  Wirehair Dachshund   Diagnostic  
DWLM Cerebellar Hypoplasia (Dandy-Walker like Malformation) Info   Eurasier   Diagnostic  
GLD-TypIIIa   Glycogen storage diesease type IIIa   Golden Retriever   Diagnostic  
GR-PRA1   Golden Retriever PRA 1   Golden Retriever   Risk factor  
GR-PRA2   Golden Retriever PRA 2   Golden Retriever   Risk factor  
GRMD   Golden Retriever Muscle Dystrophie (Lexikon)   Golden Retriever u.a.   Diagnostic  
HUU   Hyperuricosuria   Breed list   Diagnostic  
Hy-Dwarf   Hypophituatiyr dwarfism   German Shepherd   Diagnostic  
MH   Malignant Hyperthermia   Breed list   Diagnostic  
Narc - Teckel   Narcolepsy -Dachshund   Dachshund   Diagnostic  
Narc - Dober   Narcolepsy Dobermann   Dobermann   Diagnostic  
Narc - Labrador   Narcolepsy Labrador   Labrador   Diagnostic  
NCL1   Neuronal Ceroid-Lipofuscinosis 1   Dachshund   Diagnostic  
NCL2   Neuronal Ceroid-Lipofuscinosis  2   Dachshund   Diagnostic  
NCL5   Neuronal Ceroid-Lipofuscinosis  5   Golden Retriver   Diagnostic  
OI   Osteogenesis Imperfecta   Dachshund   Diagnostic  
PLL   Primary Lens Luxation   Breed list   Risk factor  
RCND   Renal Cystadenocarzinoma and nodular Dermatofibrosis   German Shepherd   Diagnostic  
SLC   Hyperuricosurie / Hyperuric√§mie   German Shepherd   Diagnostic  
SD2   Skeletal Dysplasia Type 2   Labrador   Diagnostic  

XL-PRA   X chromosomal PRA   Husky, Samojede   Diagnostic  
   2. Dog - Coat Color Genetics - conducted by Generatio:
A-Locus   Agouti-Signal-Peptid', recessive Black      
B-Locus   Coat color 'Brown'      
C-Lokus   Curly Coat
D-Locus   Dilution
E-Locus   Coat color 'Yellow'          
Em-Locus   'Black Mask'          
F-Lokus   Furnishings (Lange Barthaare und Brauen)          
H-Lokus   'Harlekin'   Grear Dane      
K-Locus   Lexikon          
Merle   Merle factor
L-Locus   Hairlength          
S-Lokus   Piebald
3. Forwarded tests (requires EDTA blood)  
    prcd-PRA   Optigen (US)   Diagnostic  
    RD/OSD Optigen (US) Risk factor 
CEA Risk factor
Exer. Indc. Coll (EIC) Laboklin (D)
Risk factor
    DM - Degenerative Myelopathie   Laboklin (D)   Risk factor  
HNPK Laboklin (D) Risk factor
Ichtyose Antagene (FR)   Risk factor