Storage of samples

DNA sampling material can be stored with Generatio securely and on a long-term basis. When selecting sampling material the following aspects should be coordinated in advance:

  • Purpose of storage
  • Verified DNA profiling
  • Unambiguous link between animal and sampling material

Reference Archive

Once two samples in the DNA profiles are identical it can be assumed that the two samples are derived from the same animal. At this point, a stored reference sample will be sufficient as reference to proof a specific animal's identity via a profile comparison.

Identity, Parentage, and Standard Diagnostics

GOcard-SC marked with blood drops are ideal for DNA-certified identity determination as well as analysis of genetic characteristics. The number of analyses depends on the size and amount of blood drops on GOcard-SC. A good guideline is a drop size of 2 to 3 mm in diameter that's required for each analysis. According to our experience, these reference samples are suitable for diagnostic tests even many years after storage in our reference archive.

Research Goals

DNA samples as base material in this category we consider those that are sufficient for an unknown, possibly large number of tests as well as for more complex diagnostic procedures. Usually, 3 ml of EDTA-stabilized fresh blood suffice. These samples must be stored in a deep-frozen environment. Because of the greater effort and cost in this procedure, we recommend to limit archival of this study material to only those animals that are classified essential and promising in a particular research project.


 Even a combination of both banking approaches could possibly be the ideal strategy for the integration of a new or existing DNA program. Please contact us so we can help you find the best strategy for you.