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Ideal partners: Generatio Sol. GmbH and CAG GmbH - Center for Animal Genetics merge. 

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We are delighted about the contribution of the team from Tübingen.

Until release of our joint website with many new services, both domains will remain accessible and the usual services will continue without interruption.


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Planing your breeding success

  • DNA profiling for dispositions, identity and parentage
  • results via Internet with signed PDFs
  • parentage assignment in herds
  • integration with breeding organisations
  • cooperation in open DNA programs

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breeding association

DNA programs for ascertained pedigrees

  • continuous progeny registration
  • DNA identities for stud animals
  • parentage assessment
  • parent seach
  • international co-work
  • animal uniqueness - no duplicates

Organizing effective and cost saving interacations between central office, breeders and animal owners.