Parentage testing

 1. Declared Parent Animals – Genetic Parent Animals
 2. How do I initiate a Parentage Analysis?
 3. Certificate of Descendance

 1. Declared Parent Animals

Genetic Parent Animals

The evaluation of parentage via DNA profile comparison reveals whether the declared or presumed parent animals are in fact the actual genetic parents of a specific animal. This analysis is based on qualified DNA profiles of related animals.   A parentage evaluation commonly consists of the analysis of a complete family constellation of descendant, maternal, and paternal animals. However, parentage of maternal and paternal animals can also be evaluated separately. Obviously, the reliability of the evaluation greatly depends on the quality of the involved DNA profiles.

Correct Parentage Declaration

If the profile comparison reveals that the descendant's DNA profile's alleles can be derived from the declared parent animals' DNA profiles' alleles, the declared parent animals are not out of the question. The acceptance of the declared parents animals as the genetic parents (= correct parentage) can be affirmed if there is reasonable certainty that no other animals in the respective population are the actual parents. The required statistical evaluation is carried out with the help of allele frequencies within the respective population.

False Parentage Declaration

A parentage declaration is not correct if the descendant's DNA profile can not be derived from the declared parent animals' DNA profiles AND the observed inconsistencies can not be classified as commonly accepted minor mutations.

In this evaluation, cases of isolated parentage and tests of continuous pedigree affirmation are used. Isolated parentage means a one-time examination of a particular constellation; continuous pedigree affirmation is the evaluation of a descendant in respect to the descendant of registered animals.

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 2. How do I Initiate a Parentage Analysis?

Please use use the order form "PARENTAGE". This form helps you define the desired evaluation based on paternal and / or maternal animals, and descendant(s).
For animals in a parentage project that have previously been typified by Generatio, please indicate each animal with its established Generatio ID (lab number). For animals whose samples are submitted in the context of a parentage certification order, please refer to the respective order forms for each animal's DNA profile identity.

Image: Example of order for parentage evaluation based on established paternal animals (row 4,5). To evaluate maternal animal and descendants, samples to determine DNA profiles are submitted for DNA profiling as well (row 1,2,3).

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 3. Certificate

Every animal increases in value if its parentage data are verified and certified through a DNA analysis. Generatio's parentage certificate states all pertinent information in detail, and is a widely recognized document in any transaction.

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