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PSSM2 is now Muscle Integrity Myopathy (MIM)!

Muskel Integritäts Myopathie


Based on the most current scientific knowledge, this reclassification correctly aligns the disorder within the field of Exertional Myopathies.
The former PSSM2 test now available as the MIM 6 Variant Panel. It still contains the 6 gene variants (P2, P3, P4, P8, Px, K1), which are important genetic predispositions for the development of MIM (Muscle Integrity Myopathy), a hereditary form of exercise myopathy caused by disruptions to the structure or function of the muscle.


More info about Muscle Integrity Myopathy can be found on our new website.


Muscle Integrity Myopathy (PSSM2) is form of Exertional Myopathy, in which the structure and/or function of the muscle is disrupted. It is caused by hereditary predisposition and various environmental factors (age, feeding, husbandry). Typical symptoms can include unexplained lameness, muscle stiffness, difficulties with gait changes/coordination, reluctance to move, muscle atrophy and/or difficulty building muscle. Almost any breed of horse can be affected.

Six genetic variants that can disrupt muscle structure and/or function have been identified in horses. These predispose a horse to developing symptoms of exertional myopathy.

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