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Muscle Integrity Myopathy Test for Equine Physiotherapy and Equine Osteopathy



Dear equine physiotherapists and equine osteopaths,

We would like to inform you about the genetic disease muscle integrity myopathy (MIM, formerly "PSSM2") in horses and the DNA test for MIM.


What is Muscle Integrity Myopathy (MIM, formerly "PSSM2")?

Muscle Integrity Myopathy (MIM, formerly PSSM2) is a form of exercise-induced myopathy in which the function and/or structure of the muscles is damaged. The occurrence of the symptoms of stress myopathy is influenced by hereditary predispositions and various environmental factors (age, feeding, husbandry). Typical symptoms include: unexplained lameness, muscle stiffness, difficulty changing gait/coordination, reluctance to move, muscle atrophy and/or difficulty building muscle. Almost any breed of horse can be affected. Six genetic variants have been identified which, due to their effect, are thought to be a risk factor for the onset of the symptoms. Early clarification of the genetic predispositions is crucial in order to initiate suitable therapeutic measures that can help to alleviate the symptoms.

What can be done about it?

Treatment for MIM is initially aimed at alleviating the symptoms and possibly making adjustments to other factors as the disease progresses. The genetic predisposition itself cannot be cured. For targeted therapy of horses suffering from MIM, it is important to know whether and how many of the known genetic risk factors for stress myopathy are present. With this knowledge, it is possible to respond specifically to the personal needs of each individual horse and provide them with the best possible support. Some measures that can help are

  • Stabling with as much movement stimulation as possible
  • Training with encouragement without excessive demands according to individual assessment
  • Feeding: Nutrition is the most effective approach to preventing or alleviating MIM-related symptoms. Most horses with one or more variants will benefit from a high protein diet and supplementation of various nutrients. We recommend advice from independent feed consultants.
  • Physiotherapy and osteopathy: Regular physiotherapy and osteopathic treatments can help to regulate muscle tension and alleviate symptoms. 

Special offer for therapists

As equine physiotherapists and osteopaths, you play a crucial role in the care of horses with MIM.We would therefore like to make you an exclusive offer: you will receive a 20% discount on the DNA test for muscle integrity myopathy if you send it to us for your clients.It is easy to send in, simply by taking a sample of tail or mane hair with hair roots.

With this test you can make your assessment more precise and integrate knowledge of hereditary predispositions into your treatment plans.

We hope that this offer will arouse your interest and that you will take the opportunity to offer your patients even better care.You can find more information about the genetic disease on our website:

For more information or to order the test, please contact us at:

Your generatio team

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