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Innovative DNA test for cats: Detection of deafness in cats with Dominant Blue Eye color (DBE)



generatio now offers a new DNA test for the identification of deafness in cats with dominant blue eye color (DBE). This developmental disorder of the melanin-producing cells is characterized not only by the characteristic blue eye color, but also by white patches of fur.

DBE is caused by mutations in the PAX3 gene, a transcription factor that plays a key role in the development of various cell types, including the differentiation of melanoblasts into melanocytes. A specific variant of this gene, the so-called DBE-RE allele, leads to deafness or hearing loss in heterozygous carrier animals. This mutation was first discovered in the Dutch Maine Coon line, known as the "Rociri Elvis" line, and shows parallels to human Waardenburg syndrome type 1 and the splashed white phenotype in horses.

The symptoms of DBE include striking blue eyes in combination with varying white patches of fur. In some cases, heterochromia can also occur, where only one eye is blue. Since hearing loss or complete deafness are difficult to detect without special examination methods, the new DNA test from generatio offers a simple and clear identification of the DBE-RE variant.

We recommend that animals with a DBE-RE mutation are not used for breeding to prevent the mutation from being passed on and to ensure the health of the cats. The new test is now available in the generatio store and offers breeders an important resource for improving the breeding quality and health of their cats.

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