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I would like to order another test for the same animal - How does that work?

You have two options for ordering another test for an animal that has already been tested:



The following applies to both options: You do not need to send a new sample. The originally submitted sample is usually sufficient for multiple tests. If the sample is not sufficient for any reason, we will contact you!

Ordering through the ATC

Ordering through your existing animal record is the easiest way to order another test and guarantees that discounts will be taken into account if you are eligible (e.g. breeders or breeding association members).


Log in to the Animal Trust Center and click on My Animals.

Select the animal for which you would like to order another test and click on the shopping cart symbol at the end of the line. Now you will be automatically directed to the Order DNA Tests section where you can select the test, add it to your shopping cart and place the order.

Ordering through the webshop

On our homepage, you can find instructions on how to order a test using our webshop


In principle, the procedure is the same as for the first test order. Please make sure (step 4 of the instructions) that you click on the option from archive sample at generatio when specifying the sample format.