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New SNP marker set for DNA-based identification and parentage assessment of Dromedaries and Bactrian camels

DNA-Typisierung für Altweltkamele


The SNP chip recently developed by Affymetrix is currently being used for a study by the Joint FAO/IAEA Division of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture to type Old World camels. The use of this new chip technology has led to innovative solutions that will help promote the health and welfare of camels worldwide. For this study, we collaborated with the Old World Camel Association and other dedicated keepers to provide the genotypes of 250 dromedaries and Bactrian camels from different countries, with the intention of developing practical genetic tools for camel breeding. As part of this project, we have succeeded in creating the first application of a SNP marker set that allows us to perform DNA-based identification and parentage assessment of dromedaries and Bactrian camels.

The use of this advanced technology provides breeders and researchers alike with greater insight into genetic structures of camel herds or populations and provides valuable information.

We are now pleased to offer camel breeders around the world our service, which includes testing their camels for identity and parentage. Feel free to contact us if you would also like to have your animals tested and learn more about the process:

The fascinating results on the genetic diversity of European camels will be published and presented in lectures at a later date.

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