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generatio launches research study on PSSM2



generatio is performing research to better understand the relationship between symptoms and environmental factors involved with the multifactorial genetic disorder PSSM2 (equine myopathy).

PSSM2 (Equine Myopathy) is a multifactorial muscle disease in horses in which the occurrence of symptoms is influenced by a hereditary predisposition and various environmental factors (age, husbandry, feeding). Typical symptoms include reluctance to move, stiffness, periodic lameness, and even possible exercise intolerance in daily practice. Almost any breed of horse can be affected.

Owners of all horses that have been tested for PSSM2 by generatio, EquiSeq, or through the IAFH are invited to compete the scientific survey for each tested horse. Several thousand competed questionnaires are required to obtain meaningful statistics. To encourage participation,  the company will be donating 2 € to the equine charity Equiwent for each completed survey. 


Please find the survey under

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