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Hair root follicle

Application of hair root samples

Hair root samples are a good starting material in horses and camels. Here, thick, easily accessible hairs with prominent hair follicles can be found.

Get ready

You will need:

  • a sheet of paper or our hair sample submission card
  • adhesive tape
  • one envelope per animal
  • if applicable: order number in case of an accompanying online order.


Label the sheet of paper with:

  • the name of the animal
  • the last name of the owner
  • the date of sample collection
  • the order number if an accompanying online order has been filed before.


  1. Pull 30 – 40 hairs from the mane and/or tail of the horse, making sure that there is a follicle (root) attached to the end of each. Hair must be pulled and not cut.
  2. The hair may be taped to a labeled piece of paper (with the tape NOT touching the follicle) 
  3. Insert the loaded paper into a zip-top bag or envelope. Only one sample should be in each bag or envelope to avoid contamination, but all samples can be send to us in one major outer envelope. 
  4. Samples do not require refrigeration and can be returned via regular mail (international customers please use airmail).

Example of plucked horse hair


The roots are white spots at the ends of the hair.

Ready to ship hair root sample


The hair is taped to the submission sheet and packed in a zip-top bag.