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Registered Welsh Pony and Cob Research Group

Programme and Participants

This programme was established in Dec. 2021.


The Registered Welsh Pony And Cob Research Group is a small UK based group of owners and small breeders independent of any breed society. They are gathering data with the aim to map the prevalence of the genetic variants associated with PSSM2 within the breed. They are also looking at pedigrees as well as the correlation between the genetic variants and symptoms. They aim to offer advice and support at the same time as documenting information such as age of onset and response to management protocol. The group has members from NZ, America and all over Europe.

Components of the Programme

By enrolling your pony in this DNA Programme, you are granting permission to the Registered Welsh Pony And Cob Research Group to collect the data from your pony for research purposes. 

We kindly ask that you provide all known information about the pony in the animal record, such as DOB, parentage, UELN, etc. You may also be asked by the researchers to provide information about symptoms at a later stage. Please note that the pony must be a purebred Welsh Pony or Cob to be eligible for participation in the programme.



  • Animal registration - In the Animal Trust Center (ATC), register a new animal.
  • Creation of an online animal file - fill in the information for this animal.  When the breed is chosen, the Registered Welsh Pony And Cob Research Group Programme option will become available under "DNA Programms". 
  • DNA typing for
    • PSSM1 (partner laboratory) - if the pony is tested for PSSM1, the results will be available to the Research Group
    • PSSM2 (Generatio) - if the pony is tested for PSSM2, the results will be available to the Research Group
  • Animal data collection - the Research Group may ask you to provide information on your pony's breeding, your reason for testing, etc. in the future. In the “Diary” section of the Animal Record under “Kommentare”, you can share any information that might be helpful to the programme; for example, your reason for testing, if your pony has symptoms, pedigree information, etc.  Please note that results from normal tested ponies is also very valuable! 
  • If you have already tested a Welsh Pony or Cob and wish to contribute that data to the Programme, this is also encouraged. In your Generatio ATC account you can go to the Animal Record for your pony. Scroll down in the record until you find “DNA Programme”.  You can then select the Registered Welsh Pony And Cob Research Group. Your pony’s animal information, PSSM1 and PSSM2 test results, and your contact information will then be shared with the Registered Welsh Pony And Cob Research Group. Other test data will not be visible to the group.


Please email or find on Facebook (Registered Welsh Pony and Cob Research Group) if you have questions about participation.