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ATC certificates


With the technical possibilities of digital document processing, it is easy to scan and change paper documents. For this reason, paper documents and traditional PDFs do not offer any reliability. Even manual signatures and stamps, as in traditional result certificates, do not help here as soon as a document has to be scanned for electronic communication.


The solution for communicating reliable results via the Internet are ATC certificates with an electronic signature. The electronic signature of the ATC certificates acts as a digital seal. The slightest change to the content destroys it. A simple check using SignCheck provides information as to whether it is an unmodified original.


The signed ATC certificates are ideal for placement on a dedicated website describing an animal and its characteristics. Supplemented with a link to our Sign-Check function, the test results can be made available in a trustworthy manner.


In the non-digital practice, the printed paper certificate can be presented to an interested party. In addition, the PDF file in question can be sent by email with a link to the SignCheck, so that the interested party can check its originality.

In this way, anyone who is interested can see for themselves that the original has been submitted.