Taking Samples

Taking blood from animals via a syringe in Germany must be carried out by a veterinarian.

For information on how to use GOcard-SC please refer to the instructions given along with the GOcards and provided:

Sampling of Capillary Blood at the Ear.


Shipping Samples

 Shipping DNA samples is subject to state, federal and international regulations. For transportation dangerous goods regulations on infectious substances given by the International Air Transpoart Association, IATA apply. A detailed english guide is available from FEDEX: Pointers on Shipping: Clinical Samples, Diagnostic Specimens and Environmental Test Samples.

For german speaking people a concise and detailed information pamphlet is available from BGW, called "Diagnostische Proben richtig versenden". Furthermore, you can find additional information in the regulations published by Deutsche Post.

IATA DGR regulations for Infectious Substances
Fedex Guidelines

According to these guidelines, the following steps must be followed when sending diagnostic samples to Generatio:

BLOOD DROP MARKED GOcard-SC are not considered hazardous or infectious goods and may be sent via standard mail as long as the shipment is sufficiently packaged: Always insert GOcard-SC into it's plastic sleeve after it's completely dried, and use a tear-proof envelope to ship. More information about how to properly ship GOcard-SC can be found in the FEDEX instructions at page 4 "CLINICAL SAMPLES THAT ARE DRIED AND NONINFECTIOUS".

EDTA BLOOD has to be evaluated according to the IATA guidelines. Blood from healthy animals for which there is a minimal likelihood that pathogens are present are not subject to IATA dangerous goods regulation if the specimen is packed in a packaging which will prevent any leakage and which is marked with the words “Exempt animal specimen”. (IATA dgr For packaging please refer to Fedex Guidelines.

Samples which classifiy for Biological Substance Category B should be handled according to the specifications that are effective. The proper shipping declaration is UN3373.

EDTA blood samples originating from one of the countries listed below require a customs import permit provided by Generatio upon request. The package should be accompanied by a health declaration signed by a veterinarian that states that the relevant animals has been examined and no signs for transmissible diseases has been found.

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