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Parentage Assessment Horse

When evaluating the parentage, the DNA profiles of offspring are compared with the profiles of the specified parents.


Please note:
When ordering a "parentage assessment", the ID profiles of all animals involved (sire, dam, offspring) must already exist or at least be in process. 'Parentage' means an assessment of existing DNA profiles.

A given parentage is considered confirmed if there are no discrepancies and the statistical evaluation indicates that the confidence interval has been reached.


If the confidence interval is insufficient, we will contact you to discuss further action.

If none of the animals has already been pre-typed by us, the assessment of a family constellation of sire-dam offspring consists of the following individual elements:

  1. DNA profile Identity for the sire
  2. DNA profile Identity for the dam
  3. DNA profile Identity for the offspring animal
  4. Parentage assessment


For the parentage assessment of animals from DNA programmes of breeding clubs, existing DNA profiles of the parent animals can usually be used. The effort is limited to:

  1. DNA profile identity for the offspring animal
  2. Carrying out the parentage assessment

Zur Untersuchung können als Proben Blutröhrchen mit EDTA und Haarwurzeln eingereicht werden.  

Bitte beachten Sie auch eventuelle Anforderungen Ihres Zuchtverbands, wie die Chip-Identität Bestätigung durch einen Tierarzt. Details zur Entnahme finden Sie auf der separaten Ratgeberseite.

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