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DNA Identity Profile - Horse

The genetic fingerprint of an animal, its DNA 'identity’ profile, delivers the innate, non-manipulable proof where an animal comes from. generatio uses the ISAG 2006 recommended STR marker panel which is the international standard.


The DNA Identity Profile is unique and unambiguous, remaining unchanged throughout the lifetime of the horse. Even if a microchip is changed or removed, the DNA Profile can be used to verify the identity of the animal. This is only possible, however, if a reference exists.

generatio, or another laboratory must already have established the profile AND have it available as a legally reliable reference at the time of verification. Such data security is provided by our Animal Trust Center.

Most breed associations require a DNA Identity profile to register an animal. DNA Identity profiles also form the basis for parentage assessments and genetic diversity calculation.

If you plan to submit the DNA Identity certificate of your horse to your breed club, please check first if the identity of the animal must be verified upon sampling by microchip by a veterinarian or studbook representative. If this is required, the stamp and signature of the veterinarian or studbook representative must be included on the order form.

EDTA blood and hair roots can be submitted as samples for examination.  


Please also note any requirements of your breeding association, such as chip identity confirmation by a veterinarian. Details about the collection can be found on the separate advice page.

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If you are unsure, please visit our Information Center or contact us.

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