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Genomic diversity

The extent of genetic diversity is considered an indication of health robustness.

Especially within a breed this can be interesting to cross as genetically different animals as possible to avoid inbreeding and to increase the genetic diversity of the breed.

The value moves according to a scale. High values indicate a genome in which there are more proportions of different ancestors. Low values indicate fewer different ancestors and mean less diversity.

To calculate the diversity value, we use the values of the STR markers for identity determination.

When taking measures to specifically improve genetic diversity in a breed, the best possible information is obtained with the DNA profile 'diversity value', which includes 34 STR markers.

Blood tubes with EDTA, blood cards (GOcards®) and bucal swabs can be submitted as samples for examination. Alternatively, you can activate an archive sample if your animal's breed allows it.

Please also note any requirements of your breeding association. Details on collection can be found on the separate advice page.

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Please note the applicable shipping regulations. Depending on the sample material and shipping address, certain regulations apply to shipping.

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